An Opportunity to Tell YOUR Story

Hello to all our fans and readers.

I want to tell you all about an amazing opportunity…please read this post and contact me if you know anyone who may be interested.

I have been contacted by a casting director for a major cable network who is casting a reality docu-series about people heading to prison.  The goal is to put a face on the tragic statistics regarding incarceration in the US.  They hope to show the full picture of who and how many people are affected when a single person goes to prison.

These are the things to keep in mind:

  • They hope to be shooting segments is late April and early May…which means that they are looking for people who will be self-surrendering during that period ONLY
  • Individuals facing a sentence of any length will be considered
  • Conviction and prison sentence must be for a non-violent crime
  • Individuals must be willing to be followed for their final 3 days before incarceration

The goal is to shine a light on the struggle of everyone involved when one person goes to prison.  Since they would be filming the participant’s last couple of days before the start of their sentence, they hope to capture them as they get their affairs in order, say their emotional goodbyes and issue any apologies as well as capture the emotions they are going through.  It is a great opportunity for the participant to use their last few days to share their journey and tell their story.

There will be a substantial fee paid to the selected participant(s) that complete filming so the story can go to air.  The sum is significant and could help with legal fees and/or provide for an incarcerated person’s family while they are away.  If you know anyone who might be interested or would like more information please contact me through this site or email me at and I will put you in touch with them.

I think this is a tremendous opportunity to share your story and perhaps help support your family in your absence. People need to understand the devastation that IS incarceration in this country.  It affects not only the individual who is in prison but also their family and loved ones.

Please note that I am only passing on information as it has been presented to me.  I am not affiliated with this project and am not offering any assurances that you will be selected or money if you participate…those issues would be between the individuals selected and the network.